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Full-time forestry use: Professional chainsaw models. Sustainable and reliable chainsaws with powerful engines, quick acceleration and a generous torque. Ergonomically designed for everyday use.

Part-time forestry use: Allround chainsaw models. Durable, easy to operate chainsaws with powerful engines, available in a number of sizes. Reliable machines built to handle many different jobs.

Occasional use/firewood: Homeowner chainsaw models. Flexible and durable chainsaws with balanced engine power that is easy to handle. Includes both electrically-powered saws and lightweight, petrol-powered chain saws.
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Item Description Available Price UM Mfg Part #
SaleIcon CS2238-16 Jonsered Cs 2238 16" Chainsaw In Stock 159.95 / EA CS2238
SaleIcon CS2240-16 Jonsered Cs 2240 16" Chainsaw In Stock 299.95 / EA CS2240
SaleIcon CS2236T Jonsered 14" Top Handle Saw In Stock 359.95 / EA CS2236T
SaleIcon CS2245-16 Jonsered Cs 2245 16" Chainsaw Please Call for Availability 359.95 / EA CS2245
SaleIcon CS2255-18 Jonsered Cs 2255 18" Chainsaw In Stock 399.95 / EA CS2255
SaleIcon CS2252C-16 Jonsered Cs 2252c 16" Chainsaw In Stock 539.95 / EA CS2252
SaleIcon CS2253C-18 Jonsered Cs 2253c 18" Chainsaw In Stock 639.95 / EA CS2253
SaleIcon CS2258-20 Jonsered Cs 2258 20'' Chainsaw In Stock 699.95 / EA CS2258
SaleIcon CS2260-18 Jonsered Cs 2260 18" Chainsaw In Stock 779.95 / EA CS2260
SaleIcon CS2166-20 Jonsered Cs 2166 20'' Chainsaw In Stock 799.95 / EA CS2166
SaleIcon CS2172-24 Jonsered Cs 2172 24" Chainsaw In Stock 969.95 / EA CS2172
SaleIcon CS2188-24 Jonsered Cs 2188 24" Chainsaw In Stock 1,149.95 / EA CS2188
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