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We are proud to add California Redwood to our selection of the best decking and exterior building products. Redwood lumber has long been sought for use in some of the finest outdoor building projects for its beauty and durability. Below are a few more reasons you might choose California Redwood from East Coast Lumber for your next project.
  • Redwood delivers natural beauty and durability
  • Redwood maintains its natural beauty and structural integrity with easy maintenance
  • Redwood stays cool and steady under-foot all summer long
  • Redwood has a natural resistance to shrinking, warping and checking
  • A redwood deck can be restored repeatedly with minimal effort and cost
  • The warmth and rich luxury of genuine redwood is not only affordable, but adds great value to your home
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Item Description Available Price UM Mfg Part #
SaleIcon 268RWD (D)2" x 6" x 8' REDWOOD DECKING In Stock 17.94 / EA 2X6
SaleIcon 2610RWD (D)2" x 6" x 10' REDWOOD DECKING In Stock 22.43 / EA 2X6
SaleIcon 2612RWD (D)2" x 6" x 12' REDWOOD DECKING In Stock 26.91 / EA 2X6
SaleIcon 2616RWD (D)2" x 6" x 16' REDWOOD DECKING In Stock 35.88 / EA 2X6
SaleIcon 16RW (D)1"x6" REDWOOD PREM B S4S R/L In Stock 2.00 / LF 1X6
SaleIcon 112RW (D)1"x12" REDWOOD PREM B S4S R/L In Stock 5.01 / LF 1X12
SaleIcon 248RW (D) 2"x4"x8' REDWOOD COL.H.RAIL In Stock 35.82 / EA
SaleIcon 448RW (D)4"x4"x8' REDWOOD HEART In Stock 27.75 / EA 4X4
SaleIcon 4410RW (d)4"x4"x10' Redwood Heart In Stock 34.50 / UN
SaleIcon RWB36 (D)2"x2"x36" REDWOOD BAL CLEAR In Stock 2.09 / EA
10 found, showing page 1 of 1