2,600 Psi Pressure Washer

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2,600 Psi Pressure Washer
$70.00 / DA

Generace 2,800 PSI Pressure Washer
(# 33-116-08)

Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Fuel Type: Gas
Safety Protection: Ear Protection, Safety Glasses.
Operation Instruction: Check gas and oil. Place hose into unit with the quick connect. Connect the hose with the sprayer handle to the unit. Once the hose is attached turn the water source on. To start the engine, hit the kill switch to the on position. Turn the choke and gas levers on. Pull the pull cord. Once the engine revs, turn off the choke. Place the tip that is going to be used onto the handle. Pull the handle and wash as necessary. If using soap, place soap filter into soap bucket (sold separately). Additional Parts/Information: Soap sold separately. Comes with 5 different tips for different amounts of pressure and for soap.

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