Fiber Fuel - Wood Brick (ton)

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Fiber Fuel Compressed Wood Bricks
Environmentally friendly, all natural
Fiber Fuel Wood Bricks are an environmentally friendly, all-natural product. Enjoy the warmth of radiant wood heat and the ambiance of a burning fire without all the extra work, associated mess, and unpredictability of traditional firewood.

  • NO binders or glue, just 100% natural wood compressed at over 22,000 pounds of pressure.
  • Eliminates any cutting, splitting, stacking, or drying requirements.
  • Ready to use. 100% kiln dried wood waste means there is much less moisture to cause improper combustion and lessens the risk of creosote buildup in chimneys and ultimately reduces the risk of chimney fires.
  • Stacks well, take up less space, and are a nice manageable weight.
  • Unlike pellets, the bricks can be used in wood stove.
  • BTU output is 8966 BTU0s/lb.
  • Low ash content (less than 4%) also means a cleaner burn and less frequent clean-outs.

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    Fiber Fuel - Wood Brick (ton)