Redmax 8560 Rh Backpack Blower

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Redmax 8560 Rh Backpack Blower

The RedMax EBZ8560 backpack blower makes dealing with lawn clippings, leaves and other heavy debris are a breeze. This frame-mount backpack blower produces 1,000 CFM of air volume at speeds of 220 MPH at the nozzle, making it faster to clear large areas. The RedMax EBZ8560 is equipped with the industry's largest fuel tank so you can clear more area without having to refuel. This particular model has the throttle control on the right, conbimed with the blower tube. This frees your left hand for whatever you need while still being able to run the throttle. If you prefer to have the throttle control on the left, on an independent stick, choose the EBZ8560

Product specification

  • Cylinder displacement: 75.6 cm0
  • Air flow in pipe: 1000 cfm

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