Torpedo Heater Rental 125k Btu

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Torpedo Heater Rental 125k Btu
$30.00 / DA

125k Forced Air Kerosene Torpedo Heater (FA# 24-217-07)

Engine Type: Kerosene
Fuel Type: Kerosene
Safety Protection: Be careful of fire. Do not stand directly behind unit as flames shoot out.
Operation Instruction: Fill unit with kerosene. Turn unit on. Adjust heat with white knob as necessary. Use in a well ventilated area.

Choose this heater for all professional and do-it-yourself usage. The heater is portable, with the tank permanently attached to the heater. This particular model also includes wheel and handle kits with heavy duty pneumatic tires. The heater also has a built-in calibrated air pressure gauge and thermostat. Perfect for use in a garage, construction sites, warehouses, workshops, and more.

This heater is not suitable for use in interior living space.

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